Local Specialty-Tasting Tour
at the Halles Paul Bocuse

Little secrets and great history
of Lyon gastronomy

Takes 2 hours

Pedestrian visit

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Halles Paul Bocuse

Halles Paul Bocuse

This Local Specialty-Tasting Tour at the festive Halles Paul Bocuse will allow you to discover the renowned « Gastronomy » of Lyon, its famous recipes and above all, the gourmet products comprising the highly distinctive qualities of Lyon and its region.

In a relaxed and convivial atmosphere this tour is enhanced by one or several tastings.

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Le conseil de Mathieu

Pour prolonger la visite-dégustation, vous pouvez choisir de combiner la visite
à une formule incluant le repas chez un des commerçants des
Halles de Lyon.

Nous contacter.

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