A guided tour of the ancient
quartersof the Vieux Lyon
or « Old Lyon »

An immersion in the heart of the Renaissance,
at the foot of the Fourvière hill

Takes 2 hours

Pedestrian visit

visite guidée vieux lyon renaissance
visite guidée lyon Vieux Lyon
visiter guidée vieux lyon
visiter le Vieux Lyon

Place Saint Jean,
in front of the fontaine

Place du Change

Come discover one of the city’s historical jewels.  Nestled at the foot of Fourvière hill and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage centre, this must-see quarter is a truly exceptional site.

Your tour begins in the square known as « Place Saint Jean ».  After visiting the Gothic Cathedral we’ll dive deep into the Renaissance period when Lyon represented the crossroads between Italy and Flanders.  The architecture of this district stands as exceptional testimony to this era.  Your guided tour of some of Lyon’s typical « traboules » will reveal how the old city’s inhabitants lived at the time in an environment hemmed in by the Saône river, lit up by inner courtyards and embellished by hanging gardens…

mathieu chomette guide lyon

Travel tip :

If you’re interested in the history of Lyon we also offer a guided tour of the Musée Gadagne, a museum specifically dedicated to the city’s history.

The extra bonus :

If you like, you can top off your tour by discovering, in the company of your tour guide, one of our local specialties :  the Lyonnaise pink praline tarte !

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