Guided tour
of the Confluence district

A remarkable architecture concerned
about sustainable development

Takes 2 hours

Pedestrian visit

visite guidee lyon confluence
visite pour voir confluence
visite guidée quartier confluence
visiter confluences lyon

Place des archives

the foot of the Musée
des Confluences

Lyon’s urban growth has been accomplished through ambitious projects such as the one designed by architect Antoine Perrache during the late 18th century.

This new chronological guided tour offers you the opportunity to discover the Confluence district built on land reclaimed from the Rhône and Saône rivers.  With its rich industrial past the reconversion of this area should be finished by the year 2030. Today, this district of Lyon features remarkable architecture housing local inhabitants along with public and private institutions, businesses and even the new Musée des Civilisations, dubbed by The Telegraph newspaper as Lyon’s Guggenheim.

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We can offer you a guided tour of the Musée des Confluences !

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