Guided tour
of the Croix-Rousse

Discover the singular story
of silk in Lyon

Takes 2 hours

Pedestrian visit

visite guidée croix rousse traboules thiaffait
visite guidée croix rousse soie tissage jacquard
visite guidée croix rousse escaliers traboules

at the foot of the Jacquard
statue in Place de la Croix-Rousse
– Lyon 4th arrondissement

Place des Terreaux
– Lyon 1st arrondissement

This guided tour will allow you to discover the history of Lyon’s « canuts » or silk workers, as you stroll through the convivial Croix-Rousse district that beginning in the 19th century would become home to weaving families and their emblematic looms.

After touring the plateau and esplanade of the Gros Cailloux we’ll « traboule » down through those legendary passageways characterizing the slopes of Croix-Rousse hill.

mathieu chomette guide lyon

The extra bonus :

To supplement your tour we can offer an explanatory visit of a silk-printing workshop !

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